autocomplete attribute


HTML<element autocomplete=”p” … >
JavaScriptp = object.autocomplete

Property values

Type: String

off    AutoComplete is disabled.

on    AutoComplete is enabled. Any string other than off enables AutoComplete.

Standards information


As of Internet Explorer 11, the autocomplete property is no longer supported for input type=password fields.

The AutoComplete feature is highlighted in the Using AutoComplete in HTML Forms overview.

When AutoComplete is enabled, suggestions are provided for the value of a text field. Suggested values are mapped values based on the name attribute or vCard schema specified by thevcard_name attribute.

If AutoComplete is disabled, values are not stored and suggested values are not presented.

Values in input type=password elements can be mapped for AutoComplete; however, the ability to store this information can be disabled in the browser, and the user is prompted for a confirmation before the value is stored.

Information provided by the AutoComplete feature is not exposed to the object model, and is not visible to a Web page until the user selects one of the suggestions as a value for the text field.

This attribute is not supported in HTML Applications (HTAs).


This example uses the autocomplete attribute to disable the AutoComplete feature.

<input type="password" autocomplete="off"/>